Fiber Optic Closure OXIN-6530


Product Code: Fiber Optic Closure OXIN-6530



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OXIN Fiber Optic Closure applies to any sort of cables (loose tube, skeleton, ribbon etc.) and is available for usage of various connection (distribute, bridging, divergence etc.) in multiple environments (aerial, bracket, pipe-lined, hand hole, manhole).

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Features & Benefits:

  • The design receives creatively practical patents and keep the box under sustainable seal performance in regular operations.
  • The port of discontinuous cable adopts spinning mechanical seal, and the port of uncut cable adopts direct pressure mechanical seal.
  • It applies to the seal demand of Φ10~17.5 cable.
  • Multiple seal accessories of soft cable are applicable.


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  • Manholes,‎ Vault,‎ Indoor,‎ Wall Mount,‎ Aerial Strand Mount,‎ Pedestal,‎ Underground,‎ Pole Mount

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Ordering Information Description Part Number
Fiber Optic Dome Closure OXIN-6530
Packaging Description
Cardboard box, 1 unit per box
Standard Accessories Description
Box base 1set, 20# sealing 4pcs, 20# washer 8pcs, M31 nut 4pcs
Physical Characteristics Parameter Value
Box Material Modified polymer plastic
Seal Material Vulcanized silicone rubber
Suitable Dia of cable express cable Φ10~ Φ17 mm

pinhole Φ5~ Φ7 mm

Entrances 5
Fibers/Tray 24
Capacity 24 ~ 144 core
Dimensions 450 mm x Φ 230 mm
Weight 3.8 ~ 4.3 Kg


Parameter Value
Installation temperature -40 ~ 55oC
Storage temperature -5 ~ 45oC
Relative humidity ≤ 75%

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Fiber Optic Closure oxin-6530 Data sheet